Energy efficient commercial lighting solutions from Fluoresave europe

Cut lighting costs by up to 30% with fluoresave energy saving units

fluoresave is an energy saving unit for fluorescent and other discharge lighting systems such as sodium, mercury and metal halide.

Fluoresave works with a wide variety of discharge lighting types to reduce lighting costs

fluoresave units are installed worldwide in industrial, commercial and institutional facilities, delivering real cost savings and benefits.

Benefits of fluoresave:

  • Save up to 30% on your power consumption
  • Easy to install in existing buildings
  • Existing light fittings do not require modification
  • No disruption to working environment
  • Life of fluorescent tubes & lamps extended by 25%+
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Improves power factor
  • Saving energy, saves the environment
  • Reduction in costs of Climate Change Levy
  • Install with confidence
  • 2 year full replacement Warranty

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fluoresave is a microprocessor-controlled, energy saving unit for standard switch-start/magnetic ballast fluorescent and other discharge lighting such as sodium, mercury and metal halide, which saves power consumption by up to 30%+ with an imperceptible effect on light levels.

  • Carries �CE� mark of conformity for Europe
  • In-built fault protection circuitry with LED indicators
  • Generates no harmonics
  • Aids ISO 14001 compliance

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Energy savings

Government, industry, business, factories, commerce, hospitals, educational establishments and the retail sector are all high users of lighting. Typically lighting can take up to 20-30% of their total energy bill. fluoresave can reduce those costs immediately.

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save on lighting costs with energy efficient fluoresave

fluoresave energy saving units

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fluoresave products are distributed around the world.

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Energy savings

Achieve energy savings of 30% or more.

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