Fluoresave press coverage

fluoresave energy savings features in the national and trade press

'...proven to save businesses and public organisations 30% on the cost of running their lighting'
read more... water energy & environment, February 2008.
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'said to save users 30% on the cost of running their lighting, as well as reducing CO2 emissions.'
read more... Handling & Storage Solutions, February 2008.
(pdf 262kb)

'brilliantly simple way to save...electricity'
read more... Newbury Business News, Newbury Weekly News, July 5 2007.
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'Excellence in Energy Saving'
read more... Business Voice, bimonthly publication of Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Jan/Feb 2007.
(pdf 60kb)

'Fluoresave's products allow savings to be made without even having the effort of installing new lamps or controls... '
read more... Water Energy & Environment June 2005
(pdf 157kb)

'Savings of up to 20% can be expected but this can add up...'
read more... Industrial Plant & Equipment May 2005
(pdf 52kb)

'the fluoresave unit normally delivers a payback in under two years...'
read more... July 2003, Facilities Management Journal
(pdf 118 kb)

'cut unnecessary lighting costs'
read more... Vol. 6, issue 5, Practical Facilities Management
(pdf 94 kb)

'independent tests have confirmed savings ranging between 25% and 35%'
read more... August 2003, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration News
(pdf 135 kb)

'a reduction in supply power does not diminish light output by a discernible amount'
read more... Issue 67, Croner - Energy Management Briefing
(pdf 62 kb)

'an electrical contractor need visit only once to connect the fluoresave unit to a slot between the mains and the lighting'
read more... October 6, 2004, Marcus Gibson, Financial Times
(pdf 176 kb)

'a really bright idea'
read more... October 14, 2004, Newbury Business News
(pdf 94 kb)

'designed to be retro-fitted to an existing conventional system with minimal disruption'
read more... Number 49, 2004, Green Futures (Forum for the Future)
(pdf 81 kb)

fluoresave gives savings of around 30% without the need for modifications to the light fittings or any disruption to the working environment'
read more... Tim McManan-Smith, Water Energy & Environment Journal
(pdf 220 kb)

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