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fluoresave technical information

fluoresave Voltage Reduction Devices (VRD) are available in three models, a 12 Amp, a 20 Amp and a 32 Amp unit, each capable of operating multiple light fittings, wired through multiple circuits.

Product Models available and specifications

Model No: D12

Maximum rating: 12 Amp
Maximum load: 2880 VA
Maximum current for lamps with induction ballasts: <12 Amp
Weight: 8.0 kg
External Dimensions: Height 350mm Width 190mm Depth 120mm

Model No: D20

Maximum rating: 20 Amp
Maximum load: 4800 VA
Maximum current for lamps with induction ballasts: <20 Amp
Weight: 10.0 kg
External Dimensions: Height 350mm Width 220mm Depth 120mm

Model No: D32

Maximum rating: 32 Amp
Maximum load: 7680 VA
Maximum current for lamps with induction ballasts: <32 Amp
Weight: 13.0 kg
External Dimensions: Height 400mm Width 260mm Depth 160mm

All fluoresave units are delivered boxed and include rawl plugs and screws for wall mounting and a comprehensive Owner�s Manual with detailed installation instructions.back to page top


The fluoresave models D12, D20 and D32 comply with the following European Directives & Standards, Australian Standards & German VDE Conformity:

European Standards

CE 89/336/EEC Electro-Magnetic Compatibility Directive
[Amended by 92/31/EEC & 93/68/EEC]

Standards EN50081-1:1992, EN50082-1:1998, EN61000-3-2:2000, EN61000-3-3:1995

73/23/EEC Low Voltage Equipment Directive
[Amended by 93/68/EEC]

Standards BSEN50178:1998, BSEN61010:1:2001

German Standards

VDE Conformity with factory surveillance Reg Nr.A873

Australasian Standards

AS/NZS4051, AS/NZS3100:2002, AS/NZS60335back to page top

Owner's Manual

The Owner's Manual consists of information and diagrams as follows:

  • Principle of Operation
  • General Specifications
  • Installation Procedure
  • Operating Guide
  • Installation Diagrams

Download a copy of the fluoresave Owner's Manual here
(pdf file format - 124 kb)

The manual is in pdf file format; Adobe Reader required.

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Product specifications

Fluoresave energy saving lighting unit.

Product approvals.

Owner's Manual.


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