Energy savings delivered by fluoresave

Cut commercial lighting costs with fluoresave energy efficient units

Examples of energy savings using fluoresave

Company type Situation Lighting type Savings
City council Offices Fluorescent 33.00%
City council Leisure centre Metal halide 31.30%
District council Multi-storey parking Fluorescent/sodium 36.86%
Electronics company Factory & offices Fluorescent 30.80%
Food processor Factory Fluorescent 36.90%
Food manufacturer Factory Sodium 30.38%
Insurance company Head offices Fluorescent 31.00%
Multinational head office Multi-storey parking Fluorescent 42.99%
Mail distribution Sorting hall Sodium 22.50%
Manufacturer Factory Mercury vapour 26.50%
Multinational food manufacturer Factory Fluorescent 35.00%
Ministry of Defence Offices Fluorescent 49.27%
Multinational chemical company Plant Fluorescent 47.00%
Motor manufacturer Factory Hi Bay metal halide 23.00%
National bakery group Offices/garage Fluorescent 33.96%
NHS hospital Hospital Fluorescent 26.00%
Motor dealership Sales floor Fluorescent 36.47%
Motor manufacturer Stores Fluorescent 41.00%
National retailer Shop floor Fluorescent 34.25%
National retailer Shop floor Metal halide 29.00%
National retailer Showrooms/offices Fluorescent 37.00%
Printing company Factory Fluorescent 47.69%
Panel manufacturer Factory Fluorescent 52.67%
Shipping company Warehouse Sodium 27.00%
Utility company Offices Fluorescent 34.27%
Warehousing group Warehouse Fluorescent 40% avg
Warehousing group Warehouse Sodium 23.38%
Warehousing group Warehouse Sodium 25% avg

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Fluoresave energy saving lighting unit

fluoresave energy saving units

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