FAQs about saving energy with fluoresave on commercial lighting


Q: What service or maintenance do fluoresave units require?
A: None, fit it and forget it in a clean and dry area like your other electrical installations.

Q: How many fluorescent tubes can be controlled by a fluoresave unit?
A: A considerable number which makes fluoresave a very economic proposition. Depending upon the wattage of the tubes, for example a 20 Amp fluoresave unit can control approximately 100 tubes of 40 watts. A 32 Amp fluoresave unit can control approximately 160 tubes of 40 watts.

Q: What level of savings in electricity consumption can be expected when fluoresave is installed to control a lighting circuit/s?
A: A saving of approximately 30%+ can be expected on magnetic ballast controlled fluorescent lighting and 20%+ on discharge lighting such as sodium, mercury & metal halide.

Q: Does fluoresave require to be disconnected when the statutory Periodical Testing is carried out on the building?
A: No, fluoresave can safely accommodate the high voltage put through the circuit for that test.

Q: Will fluoresave effect the life of the tubes or lamps?
A: Yes, because fluoresave runs tubes & lamps at lower temperature, they will last considerably longer.

Q: Will High Frequency (electronic ballast controlled) fluorescent lighting work with fluoresave?
A: Yes, but it is not recommended for use with H F lighting as it shows little savings in electricity consumption.

Q: What happens if additional lights are switched on while the circuit is in Energy Saving Mode and receiving a lesser voltage and current?
A: fluoresave is �intelligent� and continuously monitors the circuits it controls and if additional lights are switched on, fluoresave immediately recognises the additional load demand (min 1.5 Amp) and switches back to full power for ignition and warm up of the additional lights and later switches back to Energy Saving Mode.

Q: Could fluoresave work with Building Management Systems?
A: Yes, but installation electricians should be made aware of such systems and install fluoresave accordingly.

Q: Is fluoresave compatible with time clocks, movement detection equipment and PIRs?
A: Yes.

Q: How do I know that fluoresave is operating correctly?
A: fluoresave has 3 LEDs which indicate its operating mode. The green LED denotes Energy Saving Mode. See Owner�s Manual for full details.

Q: For how long has fluoresave been produced?
A: Since 1996, so it has an established record of reliability throughout many countries around the world.

Q: How long will a fluoresave unit last?
A: Units have been in service for 10 years and with no moving parts, there is no reason why they won�t last another 10 years or longer!

Q: Does fluoresave have any form of Warranty?
A: Yes, every fluoresave unit comes with a Full Replacement Warranty for 2 years, by which time it will no doubt have paid for itself.

Q: Can fluoresave be used when lighting circuits are fed by a 3 phase supply?
A: Yes, simply select the fluoresave model to suit the capacity required by the circuits concerned, using one or more fluoresave unit on each phase.

Q: Does fluoresave generate any harmonics?
A: No, fluoresave operates by way of a stepdown transformer and thus does not interfere with the sine wave.

Q: What would happen if fluoresave failed, would the lights go out?
A: No, fluoresave has a built in �failsafe� system whereby in the unlikely event that it failed, it automatically bypasses itself thereby maintaining full power to the lights. Furthermore, its red LED would then light up to indicate the event.

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