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Fluorescent and other discharge lighting just became less expensive to operate

The innovation of fluoresave

fluoresave is a microprocessor-controlled, energy saving unit for standard magnetic ballast fluorescent and other discharge lighting such as sodium, mercury and metal halide, which saves power consumption by up to 30%+ with an imperceptible effect on light levels.

Fitted at or near the main distribution board, the fluoresave units are easily installed into existing lighting circuits and no modification is required to the existing light fittings.

fluoresave has a proven performance and reliability record around the world since 1996, significantly cutting energy bills and delivering a payback in 1-2 years depending upon the unit price paid for power and the hours that the lighting is run. Documented cases show savings ranging from 20% to 52%.

How it Works

The fluoresave unit supplies mains voltage for ignition. The unit allows a short time delay period for lamp warm-up to ensure stable operation of the lights, before switching to a lower energy saving voltage. Each unit comes factory set to reduce the voltage by 15% for maximum savings, however for certain types of lamps a 12.5% or 10% reduction may be selected. Single or multiple lighting circuits and mixed lamp types can be controlled by a single fluoresave unit making it very versatile and economic to install.

Fluoresave works with a wide variety of discharge lighting types to reduce lighting costs

When fluoresave switches to Energy Saving Mode, it reduces the voltage by way of a step-down on the transformer. fluoresave does not in any way interfere with the sine wave thus it generates no harmonics.

During operation, fluoresave continuously monitors the variation in the output of the current and mains voltage. When additional lights within the circuit are switched on, fluoresave will revert back to mains voltage for ignition and wait for the current to stabilize before returning to the Energy Saving Mode.

If for any reason a fault occurs with the fluoresave unit, it automatically cuts itself out of the circuit delivering mains power to the lighting network. The fluoresave unit is fitted with status indicator lights to indicate when the unit is in Energy Saving Mode or to indicate any fault condition.back to page top

Power savings of 30% or more

Independent electrical auditors have tested fluoresave in the workplace and compared power consumption before and after connection of fluoresave. Using 39 x 40 watt fluorescent lamps, the auditors confirmed that the current required to operate the lamps was reduced by more than 35% with little discernable loss in lux levels.

Experience of fluoresave users in many buildings with varying lighting types have shown savings of 30% and more when applied to fluorescent lighting and 20% and more when used with other discharge lighting. fluoresave will not make worthwhile savings when used with high frequency lighting or lighting controlled by an electronic ballast.

In new installations where fluorescent lighting is required, fluoresave combined with conventional magnetic ballast fluorescent lighting will show significant cost and performance advantages over high frequency fluorescent lighting, and fluoresave generates no harmonics.back to page top

Make immediate savings

Government, industry, business, commerce, hospitals, educational establishments and the retail sector are all high users of fluorescent and other discharge lighting. fluoresave offers an enormous opportunity to simply and decisively reduce unnecessary energy consumption and its associated costs, sending the cost savings straight to the ´┐Żbottom line´┐Ż.

Environmental benefits

fluoresave reduces the energy to operate fluorescent and other discharge lights, which reduces the impact on the environment.

By reducing the voltage to the lamps fluoresave reduces their running temperature, thus extending their life considerably. This has a valuable impact on lamp replacement costs and on the environmental impact of lamp disposal.

The burning of fossil fuels for electrical power production generates enormous greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon and other environmentally destructive elements. The Kyoto World Greenhouse Gas Emissions Agreement requires us to reduce our carbon emissions. The beneficial effect of reducing the environmental impact of energy creation cannot be overstated. For users, fluoresave can aid ISO 14001 compliance, improve energy ratings under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and offer carbon trading opportunities.back to page top

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